VITASPOT® is a trademark of DinamIT Informatika Kft. since 2012 in the European Union. DinamIT Informatika Kft. distributes its products under VITASPOT® brand name.

Families – our vision: they are the fundaments of future generations. The mission of DinamIT Informatika Kft. is improving the families’ life quality and supporting them to follow healthy lifestyle.

We accomplish this sophisticated highly modular informatics system exclusively through the results of the evidence-based medicine, sports science, psychology, and nutrition results of the 21st century.

The word ’vitaspot’ is coming from the words vitality and spot. The meaning of vitality is clear, the spot means to enlighten or to concentrate on something. Therefore our brand names, VITASPOT®’s main focus is the vitality.


Sports analytics

It is a scientific tool which supports one from choosing a sport to winning a competition. It ensures complex systematic analysis of measurement, data processing, evaluation and consultation. It improves the development of individuals or teams with sharpening the decision-making work of sport managers. (more…)

Generation Z

We created a new website following the typical behaviour patterns of the Generation Z. It supports the health protection of the youngsters and measures their lifestyle habits. It utilises the results of our research in medicine, psychology, nutrition and sport sciences. (more…)

Social hub

It is a thematic, closed social network (’social hub’). The users can connect with each other in a common virtual space, where they can be arranged into different thematic groups, teams, or classes. (more…)

Healthcare Prevention

We provide subscription packages that cover different health statuses, diseases and in addition support to diagnose, prevent and treat them. (more…)


The essence of the food log is that the user confronts with his or her own dietary habits and lifestyle. It is also a useful tool for self-education. This is the necessary basis of the dietary consultation. (more…)

Data warehouse

The wide range of data about the lifestyle habits, physical and mental health status of the Generation Z and their life goals can provide representative sample to carry out further surveys and it is useful also for market research purposes. (more…)

Consultation work

Mental health consultation

We support the management of the talented person and their mental health with the methods designed by or psychologists. (more…)

Dietary consultation

The basic of the physical and mental health is the balanced and personalised diet. (more…)

IT consulting

The modules of the VITASPOT® product line are available as a cloud based services or installed applications. We provide IT consulting to install and operate them. (more…)