The essence of the food log is that the user confronts with his or her own dietary habits and lifestyle. It is also a useful tool for self-education. This is the necessary basis of the dietary consultation.

The on-line and IT supported evaluation of the food log results of a scientific and professional work which guarantees for the user that he or she can control the quality and quantity indicators of his or her diet with a credible and reliable system.

Besides it can support the work of the trainer, the sports doctor, the sports psychologist and other professionals who are managing the athlete, so they can follow his or her dietary habits precisely not just schematically (focusing on the use of food supplements, weight, body composition and the connection between sport and diet).

The information (what, when and how much did he or she eat) given by the athlete (who can be either a healthy or ill child, teenager or an adult) are validated by the dietitian face to face, written or via internet (he or she checks and precises’ the data), and in a general manner he or she puts the data in to an energy- and nutrientcounting software and values it individually (what is missing, what is too much to reach the individual energy- and nutrient needs, comparing to the athletes health status, fitness level etc.). After that the dietitian recommends some changes and plans an individual diet.

On the other hand in the VITASPOT®’s system the athletes fills his or her data by themselves (while the system tells her or him how much does he or she eat compared to the 100% of the daily energy and nutrient needs which can help to better plan his or her daily menu), but the more precise analysis remains still the experts (dietitian, sports doctor) competence and work.

After the on-line filling out there will be immediately the comparison to the individual or group energy and nutrient needs: with numbers and graphs or in text format. This could help to discover the potential deficiencies and identify the problematic cases who are in need of a personalised, sport specific dietary consultation.

The results achieved in this way give well detectable data for the athlete, trainer, sports doctor, dietitian and sports psychologist to follow and support the individual development and performance of the athlete.

The same tool is useful by team sports too, for example in a training camp where the team (which is somewhat coherent in age, gender, physical status and fitness level) is eating basically the same menu and to input the data of this menu once they can evaluate and follow up that this menu meets or not the teams daily energy and nutrient needs compared to the sports type, the amount of the training and the biological factors (age, gender, physical activity). With this information it is already known in which direction the menu needs to be modified to prevent the dietary bias, deficiencies which could adversely affect the sports performance.

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