Generation Z

We created a new website following the typical behaviour patterns of the Generation Z. It supports the health protection of the youngsters and measures their lifestyle habits. It utilises the results of our research in medicine, psychology, nutrition and sport sciences.

This is an on-line screening questionnaire of the mental status and lifestyle habits which targets the personal prevention. The focus of this questionnaire is to monitor the physical and mental health status and lifestyle habits of the youngsters aged 12-22. Based on the data from the questionnaire the system aims to give personalised advices to form healthy lifestyle habits, to give support for growing-up in a health conscious way and to reach the users individually chosen goals. All of this is available as a cloud-based service.

Scope of the system:

  • in high schools and higher education, not only for the students
  • in sports, especially in junior education and competitions
  • in higher education, teaching the teachers and trainers
  • in youth politics
  • in research and study

Functional elements:

  • Mental development: questionnaire, analysis, advice
  • Categories: Heart, Life, Shape, Brain, Mind, Diet
  • Wiki: news, videos, training plans, nutrition, etc.

Ordering the desired modules or asking for further details, please feel free to contact our colleague Róbert Frank via



Proven, reviewed articles, videos, training plans, and cooking recipes in popular form helps the individual achieving their goals.