Sports analytics

It is a scientific tool which supports one from choosing a sport to winning a competition. It ensures complex systematic analysis of measurement, data processing, evaluation and consultation. It improves the development of individuals or teams with sharpening the decision-making work of sport managers.

The sports analytics module of the VITASPOT® product line designed and implemented by the DinamIT Informatika Kft. is available as a cloud-based expert system. It contains different modules which are variable like Lego™ bricks according to the users’ needs.

Among its application areas are the individual and team sports, mass sports, youth sports as well as choosing the sport, junior education, preparation for competition, analysis of the competitions results.

To order modules or asking for further details, please feel free to contact our IT expert, Attila Molnár via


Nutrition and lifestyle modul

Its food log based on the expertise of doctors and dietitians, enabling people and groups to follow their diet. Learning the health-preserving diet is supported by videos, recipes and articles featuring modern baking and cooking methods.

Plug ’n’ play

All of our services can optionally connect to different sensors and smart devices. This ensures proof, error free data entry.

Rehabilitation, movement development, and choreography planning

These modules store and visualise the human body with the joints, their movement angles and movement limits.


Proven, reviewed articles, videos, training plans, and cooking recipes in popular form helps the individual achieving their goals.

Interactive training assistant

It is an educational system which considers the age-specific features of individuals and consisting of interactive eBooks and mobile applications.